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A little background...seen a few chassis's pop up here and there that don't look scale. Keeping the Drag Queen a generic looking truck chassis for the realism but that design ideology is being disregarded by others recently. So it was time for a GMRC version of this. Approached it with a minimalistic mindset. Only having what is needed, trim up the fat on a great geometry of the Drag Queen. Giving it lightness and rearranging the weight so it's more forward and lower. That being said this is not a swap over chassis like the Drag Queen is. Some custom work will have to be done to get the full potential out of this chassis.

The chassis is a competition design. The purpose of these rails are for the 10-15 minute type comps. These can be easily built to a sub 5lb truck.

The geometry is based on the Drag Queen with a few tweaks. The ideal setup with this chassis is battery behind the front shock hoops and motor on skid layout.

-Skid has a slight angle, not enough to throw link geometry off or cause driveshaft binding 
-There is only one upper link location. 
-Upper link locations and skid have been shoved forward 1/4"
-Top row of shock mounts have been eliminated. 
-Undercut shock towers to save weight without sacrificing much tension and compression strength
-The front under cut shock mount to make room for the battery to be farther forward. 
-The battery location has also been lowered to were the upper front link lbs will be just about into contact using tko housings and truss (tend to be one of the higher axle side mounting locations)
-Front bumper to the front shock hoop vertical distance has been raised for better approach angle and clearance on the steering and panhard. 
-Yes I said panhard...this is compatible 4 link or 3 link (cms plate purchased separately). Geometry of the 3 link is based on the 10.2 for steering and panhard location.

Things to note when building.

-Front links need to be 1/4" shorter
-Front Driveshaft needs to be 1/4" shorter
-Rear links need to be 1/4" longer 
-Rear Driveshaft needs to be 1/4" longer
-Axial 70mm aluminum posts and aluminum spacers are your friend when building crossmembers (kit in the works)
-CMS plate is only keyed. A crossmember location is at the back end of the plate. Highly suggest putting one there regardless if using a plate or not. 
-cms plate is also tapered to conform with the taper from the skid to the front bumper mount like a stock SCX10 chassis.
-cms plate will need to be filed at the keys for the chassis to insure tight fitment to the rail. 
-A 5000mah battery will mostly likely rub the tires during full lock and compression. Recommend 2200mah and below. 
-Battery tray is bolted down by plastic servo horns. 
-I don't recommend shocks over 95mm

Here is the link measurements I'm using for TKO's at 12.3" wb.

Front uppers 4.25
Front lowers 4.45 
Rear uppers 5.00
Rear lowers 5.25

Cut from .125" G10

Weighs 2.20 oz


PLEASE NOTE: This is a cut to order item! please allow 2-3 weeks for the order to be manufactured. If or any reason we cannot fill the order we will refund 100%. We reserve the right to refund without reason, you will be notified. Other items ordered with this item will be held back until order is 100% fulfilled.