Drag Queen Chassis (G10)

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Here is a true low center of gravity chassis (LCG). Many others on the market are labeled LCG because they have higher wheel arches but the vertical distance from the shock mount to the skid is the same as stock. With that design it actually makes your center of gravity worse than stock. The belly isn't any lower and items on the chassis is mounted higher. That's not the case with the Queen! Designed to work with stock SCX10 original components its a direct bolt over chassis for your SCX10. Pair this with a TJRC skid for the full LCG experience!

What's different?

-Arches are a 1/2" higher than stock
-Middle row of shock mounts is stock shock hoop height.
-Multiple link mounts for fine tuning and to get that correct pinion angle and roll.
-Arches start right after skid, you'll lose slider mounting location but less frame dragging.
-Front bumper mount is 1/2" higher than stock
-Rear bumper mount is 1/4" higher than stock


Cut from .125" G10 


This is a custom chassis. Please know what a drill bit or a file is when building to get everything to fit up perfectly. 


If out of stock please allow 1-2 weeks to be cut and shipped