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This chassis was originally designed for the TRX4 Sport. It's a complete bolt over chassis minus the skid. You can either trim your stock skid down (what goes into the C channel notch) or purchase the modified 3D printed high clearance skid we carry from BowHouse (these are already narrowed!!) You'll need to trim the stock side trays or use the electronics tray (purchased separately) and bolt on some scx10 style sliders. The body mounts are a hair short to line right up to the shock towers due to the thicker rails than stock. It’s nothing that is over stressful to fit, you can go through and trim the crossmembers down. The chassis belly has been lowered 1/4". The rear link mounts can be utilized for better link angle from factory. This chassis is designed around the mindset of taking a beginner and giving them the platform to go farther and farther with mods and custom building to a seasoned veteran starting a full custom build from the beginning. 

The chassis also has 2 locations for scx10 skid mounting. One should be a close direct swap to use stock links. The other is a forward mounting one but will need custom set of links for it. 

Cut from .125" G10

With this ending up being such a versatile platform to build anything from it. There will be more items being released that complements this chassis and the TRX4. 

The description will be updated as well as the product photos. This is more for the prebuy/cut to buy for the time being. 


UPDATE: if using a stock traxxas skid, the front suspension will be limited on uptravel due to interference with the stock skid to stock driveshaft. I’ve personally don’t even notice it on the trail, the coupler on the driveshaft has worse rub marks up against the trans housing than where is rubs on the shaft itself. I will I’ll be looking out for this on the flat skid before making it available. 



Note: If out of stock please allow 1-2 weeks for cutting and shipment