Single CMS Plate (ZFG only)

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A single chassis mount servo plate for a ZFG chassis. The panhard mount and servo location is based off a stock SCX10.2. With the 10.2 axles being such a popular option for a comp truck this will provide the best geometry for most applications. Plate is tapered to match SCX10 skid width to SCX10 bumper mounts like a stock truck has. 


Note: This is designed for a tight fit up against the inside of the chassis, the radius on the keys will need to be filed down so it's a sharp right angle



PLEASE NOTE: This is a cut to order item! please allow 2-3 weeks for the order to be manufactured. If or any reason we cannot fill the order we will refund 100%. We reserve the right to refund without reason, you will be notified. Other items ordered with this item will be held back until order is 100% fulfilled.