6X6 Drag Queen

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Same as a Drag Queen but longer! Stretched 6" and with 2nd set of rear shock towers and rear link mounts you'll be able to build the ultimate 6x6. This was designed for use of the rear 4wood from woodchuckRC.

What's different?

-Arches are a 1/2" higher than stock
-Middle row of shock mounts is stock shock hoop height. 
-Multiple link mounts for fine tuning and to get that correct pinion angle and roll.
-Arches start right after skid, you'll lose slider mounting location but less frame dragging. 
-Front bumper mount is 1/2" higher than stock
-Rear bumper mount is 1/4" higher than stock 


Cut from .125" G10 


PLEASE NOTE: This is a cut to order item! please allow 2-3 weeks for the order to be manufactured. If or any reason we cannot fill the order we will refund 100%. We reserve the right to refund without reason, you will be notified. Other items ordered with this item will be held back until order is 100% fulfilled.