Machete V3

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Chassis for Element Enduro lineup. Provides a lower center of gravity with the skid sitting 1/4” lower and the battery position much lower than stock. Stock length links work. All the stock crossmembers bolt in.


My personal rig the servo is mounted on top of the cms plate and I cut the stock panhard and shortened it. Ran it hard for 8hours intentional driving off 6-7ft ledges and I ended up breaking rod ends but the panhard held up. A bent panhard would provide full axle compression on the drivers side. 


If pairing this with the motor flip, a short motor will be desired to clear the lower link. like a stubby revolver or stubby puller. Unless you custom bend some links for clearance. 


UPDATE 4/17/20: These have been updated tot accept the TGH Panhard and CMS as well as the Excalibur CMS mount.


Cut from .120 G10, .125 7075 Aluminum  made in the USA. 

***V3 is the aluminum rails pictured, new g10 ones will be V3 from now on (01/06/2023)***