Hardcore RC Stainless links (GMRC)

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Hardcore RC Stainless Steel Link kit (GMRC built) 

These are kits that we gather and put together. The Hardcore RC kits includes the full suite with 10 links. These are hand put together at 7 for C1 and 8 for C2. When purchasing a cms plate the panhard and steering link are including in that kit. And the C2 kit you can just reuse your stock steering links from the original vehicles kit. 


C1 kits  includes the 3 front straight (reuses panhard and steering link from CMS kit and VRD kit) and the 2 single bend rear uppers and 2 double bend rear lowers. 

C2 kits will include 4 upper front links for AMS option. Only will need one for a 3 link configuration. 2 straight front lowers. 2 single bend uppers and 2 double bend lowers. 

Rod ends included


If a WB isn't listed that you would like please contact us and we can get that ordered up for you.