DLUX cut to length driveshaft

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5mm Input/Output (standard)
Standard Length



Extremely compact to solve fitment issues associated with larger driveshafts.

One size fits most: Cut to length design. Simply chose your length, cut off the end of the shaft, and assemble with a set screw. Set screw flat runs the whole length of the shaft, so no grinding required. Large 4mm set screw for high clamping force.

Length range 68 to 180mm (2.68" to 7.08")

**Extra long version... extended length: 210mm (8 1/4")

Full size hardware. Large 2mm hex on all fasteners.*

Full size u-joints.

High angle 70 degree angle capable u-joints.

All parts heat treated alloy steel for the ultimate in strength in a compact size.

Light weight.

Heavy duty slip joint with 10mm's of travel to accommodate long travel suspensions.

Splines are keyed for proper u-joint alignment.

***Designed to be abuse proof in Sporty's and scalers. Not intended for rock bouncers or Formula Off Road cars with extreme horsepower and speed combined, although they are proving to be extremely strong. Please let us know if are having good luck running these in a rock bouncer or abusive application. *Update, we have heard a few reports of people abusing these in rock bouncers with great success!

Price is for one driveshaft assembly. Most crawlers require two.