Dlux Big Bore Springs (Preorder)

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Sold in pairs

Popular for use with many modded shock bodies including Element, Traxxas, and Dravtech

Colors are for reference only to the type of spring and rate. Springs will NOT come in this color. All springs are either black or raw/silver color.

Ultra soft = white
Soft = Blue - previously no paint
Medium = Red - previously blue
Hard = Green

To give an idea of how hard these are, here is what it takes to fully compress each spring:
Hard spring approx 76oz or 4.75lbs
X Hard spring approx 96oz or 6lbs

Dlux Springs compared to the Losi Mini-T front springs in regards of spring rate

  • Dlux Ultra Soft/White - 0.07 N/mm
  • Losi Pink - 0.13 N/mm
  • Dlux Soft/Black - 0.13 N/mm
  • Losi Red - 0.25 N/mm
  • Dlux Medium/Red - 0.25 N/mm
  • Losi Orange - 0.35 N/mm
  • Dlux Hard/Green - 0.35 N/mm