Rock Bottom (Intro)

Rock Bottom (Intro)

This series of posts we will be stepping through my personal “comp” truck build. I’ve decided to bring you in on what and why I’m building this a certain way. We do not adhere to anything SORRCA in my neck of the woods. With that said this will probably fall into RCEC rules for a division 3 truck. But don’t let this steer you away as we will be going through a lot of detailed items throughout the build and any of this can be modified to fit your needs. The build will be done in stages from mild to mildly wild, want to show people that you don’t need the top of the line items to be completive. Just a few key parameters to follow when planning everything out. Keep it simple.

A chassis doesn’t make a rig, it simply gives you a great foundation to a great build. Every item bolted on a rig has a purpose, but it will also create a effect on something else. For example, you could have a very capable rig but if your foams are too stiff its not going to yield a well-built rig. Even the wrong gearing will have poor performance on a nice motor. Picking the right foams and right pinion will make the difference in crawling that ledge or frustration.

Goals for the first stage of the build. I will be taking a stock Axial Scx10.2 and building it on a ZFG chassis. I will be using a Cherokee Kit version that I have in pieces, but a Builders Kit will be what you’ll want. Want that tried and true AX10 style trans, the original scx10 trans or rtr trans for some people. I’ll be using the factory links along with axles and shocks. I’ll be documenting the process and might even have some other posts about the “elements” separately like weight placement, shocks and geometry.

In closing, I'll be adding some polls on Facebook to see what people would like to see next. This whole thing is based on my knowledge and opinions. Some people will not agree or say its wrong. This is stuff I have experience with or have tried before. Guess the question they should ask themselves is “Have I tried that before?” if they cant ask themselves that they are just trying to justify high price parts.


Stay tuned for the next build update!